Hi, I’m Ron Bhattacharyay.

Feel free to use this site to learn a bit more about me, efficiently scrape my professional history, or amuse yourself to my musings.

Currently a senior studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a minor in Statistics at the University of California, Berkeley. Working on StartupSift and Cal Hacks. Formerly lead technical mentor and drive coach of World Champion FRC Team 5499, The Bay Orangutans and ran Hackers at Berkeley. Previously engineering with Zenreach, Google, NetApp, and Boeing.

In my free time I enjoy fiddling with guitars, running berries in Killer Queen, cooking poorly, pretending to work out, “reading” fivethirtyeight, performing some stand-up on the side, blowing money at music festivals, and laughing at horrendously written television (think White Collar). Whenever (not so) divine inspiration hits me, I’ll blurb out some thoughts on this page, and if they’re any good I’l put them on medium. Reach out for anything!

Kolkata -> Southeast Asia -> LA -> Bay