If you met me before June of 2014, you probably know me as Arani Bhattacharyay. If you met me afterwards, I probably introduced myself as Ron Bhatta. If you know me as both, you probably know me fairly well and can skip the following.


Both Arani and Ron were born in Kolkata, West Bengal on the later portion of 1996, but Ron would mold into existence later . (Ha, you thought they’d give you THAT much personal info) They were born to Dhruba Bhattacharyay, a Civil Engineer and Project Manager who’d finished his graduate studies at The Univeristy of Tokyo and Saswati Basu (she’d already wrapped up a masters in Political Science from Calcutta University Lady Brabourne). Dhruba worked for Taisei at the time, so he and his family hopped around living in various Southeast Asian states for a few years. Somewhere in between, Arani got a brother his parents dubbed Shubhayu.

Around 1999, the Bhattacharyays began moving to the United States as dad decided to get an MBA out of UC Irvine, but the events of 2001 on the personal and global scale prevented permanent relocation until December of that year. At this point, we’d moved to the South Bay in Los Angeles, where I’d pretty much spend the rest of my childhood. Arani’s elementary years were quite uneventful. Imagine a chubby little indian tyke that by all acounts was soft at heart but annoying. This kid was also a fairly average student, an avid reader, and for around two years (you’d be surprised which two) convinced he was a squirrel. Arani went to Mira Costa High School, one of the more impenetrable bubbles in California.

Ron elected to take the Regent’s and Chancellor’s Scholarship at the University of California, Berkeley and joined the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department. I quickly realized that my strengths laid on my ability to get things done on my accord (often outside of school), and kept myself busy as such. In my time at Berkeley, I’ve been involved with The Daily Californian, Cal Hacks, The Greybots, The Bay Orangutans, Hackers @ Berkeley, Build Berkeley, Statnews, and the Tele-immersion group in CITRIS. Outside of school, I love exploring The City, performing stand-up, going to concerts, and one on one time with friends.

I also kept involved with Model United Nations on the staff of IMUNA’s National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN). It was the largest High School MUN conference to date, and put on completely my college students. I was an Assistant Director on the Administraive Affairs team, which handled much of the background business in running the conference successfully. It was the craziest week of my life.

I like attending Hackathons. I’ve met some amazing people through them (including a current roommate!), and excited to meet more. My favorites so far have been PennApps, Cal Hacks, and MHacks, but I’m trying to attend smaller venues in the future! My current professional interests lie in Product Management, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Statistics. I’ll take a good stand-up gig if I can get it.

So that’s me up to today. I might feel compelled to update it, I as likeley will not. Yes, I repeatedly change the pronouns and the perspective of the writer. Stop being my english teacher and deal with it. (I love you Mr. Zeoli)


Ron likes quite a many things. First and foremost, his sports fandom lies loyal to the California Golden Bears (Go Bears!). At the professional level, I’m loyal to Los Angeles. Go Clippers, Dodgers, and Kings! For some reason, I do like some Boston teams, but especially die hard for the Patriots! I’ll give the Lakers, Red Sox, and Raiders a nod too. I love to catch games when given a chance.

Arani has very particular tastes when it comes to comdey. He really appreciates musical parody, and the Lonely Island, Weird Al, and Lil Dicky do it best. Classic Collegehumor and Whitest Kids You Know are definately underappreciated. In terms of stand-up he prefers more material and a story-teller style, from the likes of Aziz Ansari, John Mulaney, Anthony Jesselink, and Kumail Nanjiani.

I have fairly strong beliefs about startups. The current economic model for funding and sustenance is un-justifiable. In practice, many miss the point of starting such organizations, fail to produce something meaningful or provide value, and get caught up in SV antics. People begin to believe entrepreneurship is a career and not a trait. In theory, they’re an amazingly powerful concept that keep modern innovation running.

I have no strict beliefs in terms of politics, but I’m told I lean a bit left. I like having conversations about world events and politics, but constructive ones based in facts and not opiniative arguments. Those are really hard to find.

It’s commonly understood that I’m an old soul amongst people who known me, and that shows in my music tastes. I’m currently obsessed with Father John Misty and George Ezra. I’m also inclined towards Billy Joel, Louis Armstrong, The Beatles, Queen, Mumford and Sons, G-Eazy, She & Him, Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, Graduation by Kanye West, YG, The Smiths, jamie xx, Big Star, Otis Redding, Young Thug, Passenger, Passion Pit, and a bit of country. I love listening to new music too!

That’s what I like, and if you feel me at all, let me know! I like it when people reach out. So reach out, and I’ll always respond!


I leave you with this picture of an air-guitar playing bear in front of a much cooler guitar playing bear.